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17 Aug 20181 min

A life of fighting against the scales and stereotypes

Heinrich von Grünigen, who lost 70 kilos with Sinomedica regime that combines acupuncture sessions with diet, talked to the Romandy press about his fight for the survival of the Swiss Foundation Suisse de l'Obésité, of which he is president.

Extracts from the article appeared in the 24 hours and the Geneva Tribune August 13/14, 2016.

"In 1997, members of the fledgling FOSO asking this media figure to join them in order to ensure visibility with the public. Heinrich von Grünigen accepted and quickly discovered the problems of the foundation. They were rooted in having big ambitions, like the creation of a center for all specialties related to obesity: advice, care, diet, research. "This is such a big public health problem we thought combined 4-5 million needed would not be too difficult."

A reasonable estimation given the figures. In Switzerland, 40% of the population is overweight, 10% obese. But potential investors did not share this opinion: "One of them told me, "but money is not what is needed for obesity, it is simply to stop eating! " "In forty years and despite greater awareness of the phenomenon, mentalities have not really changed, we regret. The idea that this is a matter of will always dominates the conversation. This is not the case, obesity depends on numerous factors. The fat becomes a separate body that has control over your brain. A real tyrant whom it is very difficult to resist. "
Today, the Foundation has 1,000 members and an annual turnover with a budget that does not exceed 100,000 francs. FOSO just manages to finance advisory flyers, magazine information ... everything is in German, like the website: money for translations are lacking. Heinrich von Grünigen did not lose hope. The Federal Office of Public Health comes into contact with the foundation which serves as information center and contact point for people with obesity."