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Become the worldwide point of reference for science-based acupuncture


Nine medical centers in Switzerland

Founded by Dr. med. Massimo Fumagalli and Dr. Riccardo Braglia in 2001, Sinomedica is a leading healthcare company and one of the most important medical acupuncture practitioners in Europe.

Due to its centralized management of the nine centers, Sinomedica differs from any other acupuncture center in Switzerland by possessing one of the largest clinical databases of acupuncture treatments, which, combined with the most recent scientific findings, delivers the most effective patient-centered medical care.


Gui Sheng Tang - Value of life

This formula originates in one of the oldest works in Chinese history, the LUSHI CHUNQIU, the book of universal knowledge.

In Mandarin Chinese, the expression "Gui Sheng" means "the value of life".

"Tang" today represents the most important place in a home, but in LUSHI CHUNQIU times, it was commonly used as a synonym for hospital.

"Gui Sheng Tang" can thus be translated into "Medical center where life is considered precious", and best represents the essence of Sinomedica.


Our values

Synergy of medicines

Combining the principles of  conventional medicine with the practice of acupuncture.


Results driven approach: our treatments are the result of five thousand years of history, the latest scientific findings and data analysis.


We observe the highest ethical standards. We are consistent, respectful, and engage with honesty and good faith. All our patients are treated equally, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, religion or beliefs.


Our main objective is to deliver the best medical care and to improve our patients’ quality of life.

Always advancing

We are constantly improving our treatments by combining the accumulated experience of our specialists, the latest scientific knowledge and constant interaction with our patients.

Being bold

We are constantly improving and challenging the status quo of traditional medical care to ensure that medical acupuncture is recognized and accessible to all.


Executive Committee

Experienced specialists with a 100% medical approach: that of Sinomedica

Dr. med. Massimo Fumagalli
Founder and Executive Chairman
Silvia Sebastiani
Head of Medical Strategy
Marc Aubert
Chief Communication and Marketing Officer

Executive Committee

Experienced specialists with a 100% medical approach: that of Sinomedica. 

Founder and Executive Chairman
Dr. med. Massimo Fumagalli Founder and Executive Chairman
Giuliano Baistrocchi Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Camillo Vollmeier Chief Financial Officer
Cinzia Vela Chief Scientific Officer
Marc Aubert Chief Communication and Marketing Officer

Sinomedica & Verlinvest

The partnership between Sinomedica and Verlinvest, which is  enabling Sinomedica to accelerate its growth into new markets, fits perfectly with Verlinvest's mission to invest in consumer brands that drive positive change. In fact, Sinomedica provides personalized care to patients, delivering a high-quality experience.


Work with us

Sinomedica is constantly looking for passionate and talented specialists.