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02 Nov 20232 min

Sinomedica proves the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss

Sinomedica is excited to bring forth findings from two revolutionary studies, authored by our esteemed Dr. med. Fumagalli and Dr. med. Landgraaf. The evidence-based insights challenge the conventional understanding and offer new perspectives on the role of acupuncture in tackling the global health issue of obesity.


Efficacy of acupuncture: a closer look

The research titled, “Acupuncture as multi-targeted therapy for the multifactorial disease obesity: a complex neuro-endocrine-immune interplay," featured in "Frontiers in Endocrinology", sheds light on the multifactorial etiology of obesity. This study meticulously maps the intricate interactions between the hormonal, nervous, and immune systems, revealing chronic inflammation and gut microbiota imbalances as significant contributors. Notably, where conventional methods often fall short, acupuncture has shown promise in navigating this complex matrix. By addressing the root causes and not just the symptoms, acupuncture showcases potential as a comprehensive treatment for metabolic ailments like obesity.


It is now clear that poor diet and lack of exercise are only two factors in obesity and not the main causes. Neuroendocrine disbalance, chronic low grade inflammation and disbalance in the gut microbiota are crucial in the development of obesity - Dr. Landgraaf


Safety and remarkable Results: insights from the Swiss experience

The study “Novel Insights in Weight Loss: Acupuncture combined with low carbohydrate diet- a Swiss experience” recently published in "Acupuncture in Medicine'' journal emphasizes the synergistic effects of a low-carb diet and acupuncture based on the Sinomedica Shou Shen® program principles. Over a period spanning two decades, more than 11,000 patients from Sinomedica centers participated in this study. Their transformative journeys are proof of the program's efficacy:

  • An outstanding average weight loss of 17.5 kg within seven months
  • Participants maintained an impressive loss of 15.5 kg over an 18-month period
  • Those grappling with extreme obesity (BMI > 35 kg/m2) saw even more profound results with an average weight loss of 28 kg in 6 months. 

This dual-pronged approach had no documented side effects, naturally suppressing appetite and enhancing dietary adherence.


With our retrospective analysis we want to investigate whether medical acupuncture can take an even more important position in the fight against obesity in the future - Dr. med. Massimo Fumagalli


The global challenge of obesity

With global statistics painting a grim picture — a projected 2 billion individuals grappling with obesity by 2035 — the need for safe and effective treatments is paramount. Sinomedica’s studies provide a beacon of hope. Switzerland’s own challenges, with 42% of adults being overweight and 11% categorized as obese, underscore the urgency for effective solutions. Our research suggests that combining acupuncture with specialized dietary strategies might just be the panacea we've been seeking.



Sinomedica’s commitment: the Shou Shen® program

Sinomedica Shou Shen® program, combines weekly acupuncture sessions with a low-carbohydrate diet. Medical acupuncture was performed according to a specific standardized approach and the Sinomedica Shou Shen® program was continued with the aim of achieving the individual ideal weight. 
With our approach we ensure significant weight loss, reduced hunger, and lasting results, thereby eliminating the dreaded yo-yo effect. We've fortified this journey with a plethora of healthy and tasty recipes.

A healthier, happier life

Whilst traditional methods, such as lifestyle modifications and diet adjustments, often fall short, and medical interventions may entail adverse effects, acupuncture and diet represent a natural and effective remedy for weight loss. 
Let us guide you toward a healthier, happier life through our proven acupuncture and diet program. 
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